The 6 Best Bubble Machines in 2024

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Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Bubble Machines

Little Kids Bubble Guppies Nickelodeon Motorized Bubble Machine
A fun and cute option for kids, this fully automatic device is superbly affordable. Your kid will fall in love with the Nickelodeon characters.
Best Bubble Machine: Kidzlane Bubble Machine
Best bubble machine overall
With 10 spinning wands and a powerful motor, it can produce more than 500 bubbles per minute. A value-for-money option you can use for parties or casual play.
Best professional bubble machine
With its high output, this professional machine can produce quick and long-lasting bubbles. It’s also very easy to use and has a long power cord.

What kid doesn’t love being surrounded by bubbles?

Getting yourself a bubble blower — whether automatic or old-fashioned wands — can be lots of fun for both you and your child.

Plus, playing with bubbles can improve your child’s coordination and gross motor skills. So why not buy a bubble machine that does all the hard work while your child concentrates on popping bubbles and having fun?

With so many bubble machines on the market, narrowing down on the best bubble machine can be tricky. We’ve compiled our top picks by category to make your decision easier.

We’ve also included a section on the best bubble solutions, so your bubbles (and fun!) can last longer.

The Best Bubble Machines by Category

Best bubble machine: Kidzlane Bubble Machine

The Kidzlane Bubble Machine comes in a super cute dolphin design to appeal to children of all ages (the manufacturer recommends the toy for 36 months and above though), and features 10 spinning wands that produce up to 500 bubbles per minute.

A flat, no-tipoff base ensures it stays stable, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills when your child plays with it.

The fan is also quiet, which is great for people who don’t like noisy clunkers at birthday parties, other events, or even just daily play.

Compared to similar products, the Kidzlane Bubble Machine is slightly more expensive. But its high-quality construction and complimentary eight-ounce bubble solution makes it a good purchase. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and kid-friendly bubble machine, this might be perfect for you.

Key features
  • Fun dolphin-shaped design that your kids can play for hours
  • Quiet yet powerful motor with 10 spinning wands
  • Pours out up to 500 bubbles per minute
  • Has a flat supportive base to avoid spills and tip-overs
  • Capacity: 6oz
  • Power source: 6 AA batteries

  • Leak-proof and easy to use
  • Dolphin shape appeals to children
  • Comes with an 8-ounce bubble solution
  • The seller appears willing to rectify defective products
  • If liquid gets into the housing unit, it may kill the motor
  • Several people complained that it stopped working after a few uses

Best budget choice: Little Kids Nickelodeon Motorized Bubble Machine

The Little Kids Nickelodeon Motorized Bubble Machine is an affordable option that can blow tons of bubbles, and features fun Nickelodeon graphics to appeal to the younger ones.

It’s a fully automatic, kid-friendly device that’s available in your kid’s favorite cartoon styles, including SpongeBob SquarePants, TMNT, PAW Patrol, Dora and Friends, and Bubble Guppies. Your child will be able to create a flurry of bubbles without any hassle and also carry it without much effort due to its lightweight and portable design. Just pour the bubbles in the front of the machine and push the button for the fun to begin.

Key features
  • Automatic bubble-blowing machine
  • Nickelodeon graphics on front of machine
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • Capacity: 4oz
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries

  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a 4oz bubble solution
  • Consistently produces a ton of bubbles within seconds
  • Solution will come out of the machine when knocked or tipped over
  • Leaks a lot. Might leak into battery compartment and ruin the electronics and batteries
  • Average durability
  • Customer complaints of defective products

Best professional bubble machine: ADJ Products Bubbletron

Produces tons of bubbles that rise quickly in the air. Easy to use and clean. Consumes less bubble liquid than many other brands.

Just the exact opposite to our colorful top pick is the ADJ Products Bubbletron, a boxy charcoal gray bubble machine designed for professional use.

It might look intimidating but it’s actually very easy to use. You only need to fill the tank, plug it in, and turn it on for hundreds of bubbles to start streaming out quickly. You also get a plug-in remote control to switch on the machine from a distance. If plug-in remotes aren’t your style, you can purchase the additional wireless remote that can be operated from anywhere.

The ADJ Products Bubbletron uses powerful high-velocity fans that cause bubbles to rise quickly. In addition, it’s lightweight and easy to move around with its carrying handle.

Another feature that we like is the long, 25ft power cord that allows you to place the bubble machine in almost any corner you want.

This isn’t limited to professional use — if you’re willing to splurge on the bubble machine, it works great for at-home play too.

Key features
  • High-output bubble machine that can create hundreds of fast-rising bubbles per minute
  • Durable plastic casing
  • EZ-Access front fluid tank
  • Works with most bubble solutions
  • Capacity: 2 liters
  • Power source: Outlet power

  • High-velocity fan makes bubbles rise quickly in the air
  • Portable
  • Low consumption of bubble liquid at only 1 liter every 2 hours
  • User-friendly and easy to clean
  • Motor tends to slow down after use
  • Can leak at times
  • Some customers complain of defective products

Best bubble machine for parties: 1byone Seal Style Bubble Machine for Kids

1byone Seal Style Bubble Machine for Kids
Especially great for kids’ birthday parties. We like that it allows you to pour back unused bubble liquid, ensuring less wastage.

Whether you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday or a fun engagement announcement, the 1byone Seal Style Bubble Machine for Kids would be a good pick. It may be too kiddish for grand occasions though, unless the adults involved are young at heart and can appreciate its cute features.

You can switch easily between a 6-wand or 10-wand magnetic blowing attachment which will produce up to 700 or 1,200 bubbles per minute respectively. The 6-wand attachment even allows up to 50 minutes of continuous fun between refills.

It runs on 6 AA batteries, and is easy to carry around. The unique design of the bubble liquid holder allows you to pour unused liquid back into the container to recycle for the next use too.

Additionally, the durable construction ensures it can handle some rough play thanks to its ABS thermoplastic polymer material, which provides protection against rough handling and rust.

Key features
  • Made from sturdy ABS thermoplastic polymer
  • Has 2 interchangeable magnetic wands that can produce up to 700 or 1,200 bubbles per minute
  • Provides 30min or 50min of continuous bubbles, depending on which wand you choose
  • Capacity: Unspecified
  • Power source: 6 AA batteries

  • Needs fewer refills
  • Cute design
  • Allows you to pour back unused bubble liquid, ensuring less wastage
  • Manufacturer offers a 90-day no reason and 24-month for quality-related issues warranty
  • Tends to leak when put on high settings
  • Loud motor

Best bubble machine for toddlers: ToyerBee Bubble Machine

ToyerBee Bubble Machine
Cute and appealing to kids. Comes with a 3-year guarantee too!

Probably the most fun-looking bubble blower on our list, the ToyerBee Bubble Machine is adorable and efficient. It can blow up to 800 bubbles per minute and is easy to use because of its simple design.

Our favorite part about this bubble blower has to be the bright green frog design. Just one look at it and your child will be wanting to play with it for hours. It’s because of this fun shape and pocket-friendly price that we think the ToyerBee Bubble Machine Automatic Bubble Maker would make the best option for toddlers.

The bubbles come out from the frog’s mouth, which has a bright orange mouth detail. You get your own bubble solution with the product to add to your convenience. They’ve also given you two bubble wands in case one gets lost, and each wand has eight rotating wands.

However, this bubble blower burns through a lot of bubble solution in a short span of time, so make sure you have extras on hand.

Key features
  • Has 2 bubble wands with 8 rotating wands each
  • Produces 800 bubbles per minute
  • Fun, frog-shaped design
  • Capacity: About 1.3oz
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries

  • Cute and appealing to kids
  • Easy to use
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee
  • Can be more durable
  • Bubble solution doesn’t last long
  • A little small
  • Loud motor
  • Drains batteries quickly
  • Some customers complained that the solution leaked through the battery compartment and corroded the batteries

Best portable bubble machine: Battop Bubble Machine

BATTOP Bubble Machine
Has a hook that allows you to hang it anywhere. Plus, it’s rechargeable via USB! No need to throw dozens of batteries into the landfill just to have some fun!

Most parents prefer portable bubble makers so they can be used outdoors where soapy messes can be more easily cleaned up (or ignored). They’re also great for fun on the go. We found the Battop Automatic Bubble Machine’s portable and compact design best for these needs.

There’re ten spinning wands that can create thousands of bubbles per minute. You also have the option to choose between two speed settings depending on the amount of bubbles you want. Every purchase comes with two bottles of bubble solution.

A hook incorporated into the design allows you to hang the unit if you want the bubbles to be higher. This is also useful for keeping the bubble maker out of reach for small children or pets if you need to.

Best of all, it’s rechargeable via USB. No need to throw dozens of batteries into the landfill just to have some fun! One full charge lasts about 2-3 hours.

Key features
  • Compact and portable shape
  • Features two speed settings for fast bubble generation
  • 10 spinning wands that make thousands of bubbles per minute
  • Made with non-toxic, ABS plastic
  • Capacity: Around 5oz
  • Power source: Rechargeable USB

Key features
  • Compact and portable shape
  • Features two speed settings for fast bubble generation
  • 10 spinning wands that make thousands of bubbles per minute
  • Made with non-toxic, ABS plastic
  • Capacity: Around 5oz
  • Power source: Rechargeable via USB

  • Includes two bottles of bubble solution
  • 90-day full refund policy
  • Has a simple and safe design for kids
  • Doesn’t waste a ton of batteries — rechargeable via USB
  • Has a hook to hang the unit
  • Requires frequent refills
  • Bubbles produced are smaller than competitors
  • Rather loud

The Best Bubble Solutions

Blowing bubbles won’t be nearly half as fun if you don’t have a good bubble solution. After all, a bubble machine is only as good as the bubble solution used.

Here’re the best bubble solutions we recommend.

Strongest bubbles: Gazillion Bubbles 1 Liter Bubble Solution

Gazillion Bubbles 1 Liter Bubble Solution
Lots of people have raved that this is the best bubble solution they’ve ever used.

Many consider the Gazillion Bubbles 1 Liter Bubble Solution as the best bubble solution for creating high quality, clear, and longer-lasting bubbles. Gazillion brands it as a top secret “super solution”.

From only a single dip, you can expect a plethora of bubbles that makes it worth every penny you spend. Another advantage is that this bubble solution is eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic and will not stain clothing or furniture — so it’s a win-win all the way.

  • Appropriate for ages 3 years and up
  • Makes plenty of bubbles that last longer
  • Very easy to use
  • Bubbles are colorful and clear
  • Non-toxic and doesn’t stain clothing or furniture
  • Cheaper options available
  • Wand quality needs to be improved
  • Solution may leak and drip everywhere

Most cost-effective bubble solution: Joyin Toy Bubble Solution Refill

Joyin Toy Bubble Solution Refill
Makes 10x the amount of bubbles of its competitors, making it very value for money.

The Joyin Toy Bubble Solution has an excellent concentrated formula that can create both regular bubbles as well as giant bubbles. While for the former, you’ll need a ratio of 1:10 to make around 2.5 gallons of solution, for the latter it’s 1:6 to make 1.5 gallons.

The best part about this is the amount of quality bubbles that you can produce for all kinds of occasions. It’s non-toxic, and has passed all safety tests, such as TRA, USP51, USP61 and so on. So it’s completely safe for your kid’s skin and face. 

Additionally, you can expect nearly 10 times the amount of bubbles as compared to other bubble solutions available on the market, making it very value for money.

  • Produces high quality and highly durable bubbles
  • Makes 10x the amount of bubbles of its competitors
  • Non-toxic, and has passed all safety tests
  • Easy to mix and prepare
  • Value for money
  • Isn’t a ready-made solution
  • Can be very sticky and difficult to clean off
  • Can stain surfaces and clothing

A Guide to Buying the Best Bubble Machine

How to choose the best bubble machine for your needs

Bubble machines are used widely nowadays — whether as a fun toy for kids, or to add something extra to parties.

There are specific considerations you should take into account before buying a particular model:


The blowing speed should be your primary consideration when looking for a bubble machine. Having options that blow more bubbles per minute can be very enjoyable whether for kids or for parties. It’s best to look for devices that can produce up to 500 bubbles or more per minute at least.


Many people make the mistake of not considering the portability of a bubble machine, and end up buying a relatively heavy and bulky device that can be hard to move around.

If you plan on keeping the bubble machine in your yard, it’s best to look for a model that is small and lightweight so you (or even your kid!) can easily carry the machine anywhere you want.

You can also look for toy-like bubble machines. These are tiny, often have an appealing cartoonish design, and can easily be held by your toddler. Take into account your needs and preferences when determining the right size.


There’re two types of capacities to consider: bubble solution and battery.

Bubble machines have varying tank sizes. Opt for a model that has a larger capacity if you don’t want to spend most of your time refilling the bubble maker rather than enjoying the bubbles.

Similarly, get one with a longer runtime so it doesn’t stop working halfway through play, and you don’t have to switch out batteries constantly. Best of all, get one that is rechargeable so you don’t waste a ton of money on batteries.


Most kids’ bubble machines are made out of plastic. You’ll want to make sure that the material is not only safe, but also durable.

Look for brands that mention that their toys are consumer toys safety certified.

FAQ on Bubble Machines & Bubble Solutions

Can you use bubble machines indoors?

We wouldn’t recommend it, unless you don’t mind cleaning up the soapy mess it makes indoors. They tend to get leaky.

How do you make your own bubble solution?

One may wonder why spend time making your own bubble solution when you can get commercial ones easily and cheaply? Well, for emergencies and most importantly, fun.

Making a bubble solution can be a great way to spend time with your kid, which is why we have a perfect recipe that you can try.

All you need is 25 ounces or one packet of gelatin, 2 tablespoons of glycerin, and 2 cups of hot water. The combination of gelatin and glycerin is much better for giving you professional-grade bubbles, unlike basic dish soap.

You might have to deal with a little sugary residue behind, so make sure your kids blow these bubbles outdoors.

How to make your bubble solution stronger

If you plan on making your bubble solution using dish detergent and water, you can add some glycerin to make the bubbles last longer. Glycerin helps to slow down the drying out process of the bubbles.

Another hack is to add sugar to the mixture.

How to clean your bubble machine

Maintenance is crucial for every electronic device — bubble machines included. The best way to enhance the durability of the bubble machine is to properly wash the device after use to remove any soap residue from the bubble liquid.

Many people consider plain water good enough to clean the machines. But, in reality, this isn’t the case as using only water will not remove the thin soap coating accumulated on the machine, especially if the bubble solution has ingredients that make it particularly sticky. Water will only remove the soluble substances on the surface.

Instead, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in water. Not only are these ingredients readily available, they won’t have a harsh effect on any parts of the machine as well. However, you might have a model that is compatible with only one of the above ingredients and not both. Hence, make sure you read the maintenance and care instructions before starting.

According to our experience though, the best washing detergent for bubble machines is a surfactant that helps lower the tension between solid and liquid substances. Surfactants, or surface active agents, are a detergent agent that wets, emulsifies, and forms sticky materials on the surface, removing all sticky particles on the bubble machine. One good option is Dawn dishwashing soap, which contains biodegradable surfactants, making it relatively safer as well.

Final thoughts

Be it birthday parties or to simply have a grand time in your backyard, bubble machines can be great accessories for households that have kids. These machines can produce hundreds of bubbles within minutes, saving the lung/arm power needed for traditional handheld bubble wands!

Try to find the best bubble machine that suits your requirements to avoid disappointment – whether it’s bubble solution capacity, portability, or the age appropriateness of the product for your child.

Once you have this sorted, you can step back and watch your child get lost in the magical world of bubbles.

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