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Finding the best toys, games and gadgets for your child is tough — especially when you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have hours to spend scouring through thousands of reviews.

That is why SuperPlayroom was born.

Hi, my name is Jill, the managing editor of SuperPlayroom, and I created this website to help moms do one thing: Get the best mom-approved products for their kids, while spending as little time on the decision-making process as possible, so they have more time to do literally anything else that they prefer (with peace of mind that the thing they’re getting won’t be a bunch of crap — barring unforeseen circumstances!).

All our product guides, reviews, and advice have been comprehensively researched by moms, childcarers, and board gaming enthusiasts, so when you choose to buy something from our guides, you can rest assured that the pros and cons of every product have been weighed thoroughly with you — and your specific needs — in mind.

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