The Best Barbie Houses in 2024

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Our Top 2 Picks for the Best Barbie Houses

Best Barbie house: Barbie Dreamhouse
The quintessential Barbie house, complete with plenty of hot pink and a traditional architecture. This Dreamhouse is packed with accessories and special features.
Barbie Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset
Small and simple. This blaster loads one dart at a time so toddlers and preschoolers can figure out how to easily operate it with little to no help.

Barbie is such an iconic doll, and she needs an equally iconic home for hours of pretend play for your kids. But which is the best Barbie house for your little one? 

These are our top 7 picks for the best Barbie houses. There’s definitely one here for everyone, and we break down which is best for what needs to take the guesswork out. Plus, we answer a lot of common questions parents have when choosing the best Barbie house for their child.

The Best Barbie Houses by Category

Best Barbie house: Barbie Dreamhouse (2015)

The first Barbie Dreamhouse came out in 1962, and it’s been an iconic toy for Barbie-lovers ever since.

There are currently two options when it comes to Dreamhouses. The other is lower on this list as the biggest Barbie house, and it’s an excellent option. But we chose this as the best Barbie house because beyond the jam-packed features and over 70 accessories, the aesthetic just screams “Barbie”. 

The design is large with tons of features like interactive accessories with lights and sounds, plus three floors and a child-operated elevator.

However, it requires assembly, and there are quite a few pieces that will probably mean more cleanup for parents.

Still, most reviews are excellent on Amazon.

The Barbie Dreamhouse is also included in our list of the best dollhouses.

Key features
  • 70+ pieces of furniture and accessories included
  • Working elevator and garage door

  • “Smart” accessories
  • A lot of accessories and features
  • Typical Barbie styling
  • Large and allows multiple children to play
  • Many pieces are plastic and might break more easily
  • Assembly required

Best budget choice: Barbie Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset with Pool and Accessories

Barbie Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset
Inexpensive but still full of fun. Has more than 10 accessories, including a pool that can be filled with real water, a foldout bed and a closet.

This portable Barbie house is small but full of fun. It’s designed for 360-degree play so even though it’s a smaller size, multiple kids can play together at once in more than 2 feet of play space.

It includes more than 10 accessories, including a pool that can be filled with real water. Barbie even has a place to rest with a foldout bed in her compact bedroom and a closet for her clothes.

When kids are done playing it can be folded up and easily stored, or grabbed by the handle to take wherever you go.

Key features
  • Over 10 accessories
  • Foldable and portable

  • 360 degrees of play
  • Pool that can be filled with water
  • Small and portable
  • Multiple children can play at once
  • Accessories included
  • The small size could be a negative, but for the price you won’t find one bigger

Best small Barbie house: Barbie Pink Passport 3-Story Townhouse

Barbie Pink Passport 3-Story Townhouse
A full-sized house that can be folded to fit a tiny space. A win in our books!

Calling this Barbie house “small” might be a little deceptive because it’s actually a good-sized house.

The reason it gets the top spot in this category is because it folds up! While not as large as a Dreamhouse, it’s basically a full-size house, but folds up to a small enough size it can be stored in a tiny space.

It has 3 full stories with 4 rooms and even a rooftop lounge and working child-operated elevator.

This house scores slightly lower on Amazon than the Dreamhouses, but the smaller size and price tag can probably compensate for that.

Key features
  • 3 stories with 4 rooms and a rooftop lounge
  • Child-powered elevator

  • Furniture and accessories included
  • Folds up easily for storage in a small space
  • Large for the price
  • Accessories included
  • Contemporary design
  • Seems to be less durable than Dreamhouses, though it’s half the price
  • Doesn’t seem to be 360 degrees, meaning you can only really play on one side

Runner-up small Barbie house: Barbie Estate Malibu House Playset

This foldable Barbie house packs a lot of play into a small space. Truthfully, we could flip a coin between this one and the top choice for best small Barbie house because both are great options. It really comes down to personal preference and aesthetics when choosing between the two.

This Malibu house carries some nostalgia for “Malibu” Barbie, and is packed with rooms and features. It comes with 25 accessories, 6 rooms, and more transformational elements so the rooms can do double duty for different purposes.

Like our other choices for a smaller Barbie house option, some parents said it could be a little sturdier, but it still garners great reviews on Amazon. 

Key features
  • 25+ accessories included
  • Foldable

  • Spaces transform for multiple play purposes
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Comes with some unique accessories, like a juice bar
  • Large enough for multiple children to play
  • Not as durable as higher-priced houses
  • Not 360 degrees

Best portable Barbie house: Barbie Glam Getaway Portable Dollhouse

Barbie Glam Getaway Portable Dollhouse
Young Barbie fans will be able to tote around this adorable Barbie house with ease.

This portable Barbie house is absolutely adorable in design. It has something charming about the styling that is irresistible. It also packs a good punch in features and accessories for a modest price tag.

Over 20 accessories are included, and it opens up to over 2.5 feet of play space with 3 separate rooms.

When closed, it has an easy-to-grasp handle, perfect for little hands.

The most common complaint is that it’s made of cardboard and plastic. We think for the price, that’s an ok concession though.

Key features
  • 20+ accessories included

  • Foldable with handle for easy carrying
  • Small and portable
  • Lots of accessories and space to play for the size
  • Pretty aesthetic
  • Not really sturdy

Biggest Barbie house: Barbie Estate Dreamhouse (2018)

Barbie Dreamhouse (2018)
A huge modern-looking Barbie house with 70+ accessories and realistic lights and sounds.

Supersized with too many features and accessories to count, this Barbie Dreamhouse is extra in every way possible. 

It stands at a whopping 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide with a garage, slide, pool, and even elevator. Did we mention the pool can hold real water?

Four Barbies can fit together in this Dreamhouse, and it’s designed to be used in 360-degree play allowing multiple children to play at once. Barbie can even live the work-from-home life with a home office connected to the bedroom.

Lights and sounds are included so you can even hear sizzling sounds when you put a frying pan on the stove, or whistling from the tea kettle.

Compared to our overall top pick, this one could easily have taken that spot. Which one is best is really just a matter of personal preference since this one has a more modern design vs. the traditional look of the other Dreamhouse.

Key features
  • Very large
  • 70+ accessories included
  • Lights and sounds create realistic play

  • Working elevator and slide
  • Pool that can be filled with water
  • Large size and 360-degree design allows for many children to play together
  • Reviewers say it’s sturdily built
  • A lot of realistic details with bells and whistles
  • Assembly required
  • A lot of the accessories are small pieces, meaning extra cleanup

Honorable mention: ​Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper Vehicle

Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper Vehicle
Not a typical Barbie house, but converts into a ton of configurations for pretend camping fun.

This DreamCamper really caught our eye. Although it isn’t a typical “house”, it has so many cool features that kids will love.

Not only does it come with a lot of accessories, it converts into many different configurations from an RV to a truck, and even comes with a fishing boat. Plus, even though it’s smaller, it can accommodate multiple children playing together with its 360-degree design.

If you’re looking for a Barbie house that is a little out of the box, this one would be a great fit.

One complaint we noticed is that it sometimes ships in its original packaging, meaning kids might be able to see what it is when delivered. So keep an eye out for that if it’s a surprise.

Key features
  • Many transformation options including multiple vehicles
  • 50+ accessories

  • 360-degree play
  • Pool that can be filled with water

  • A lot of accessories, features, and ways to play
  • Unique
  • Small
  • Not a traditional house

Best Barbie house accessories: Barbie Dream Closet with 30+ Pieces

Barbie Dream Closet with 30+ Pieces
What’s a house without a dreamy walk-in closet? Just playing dress-up alone will occupy hours of entertainment.

One thing NOT included in the Barbie houses (besides Barbie herself) is a wardrobe for Barbie! 

This extensive wardrobe collection includes over 10 storage areas with rotating racks, a full-length mirror, a desk space, plus outfits and accessories. The outfits even include a pediatrician outfit and a scuba outfit, with accessories like stethoscope, scuba fins, and jewelry.

It also folds up and is really portable so you can take it on the road for playtime away from the main house.

Currently, this wardrobe only has 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon. No truly negative reviews.

Key features
  • 30+ accessories included

  • Foldable for easy storage and portability
  • Lots of wardrobe changes for Barbie, extending pretend play
  • Portable
  • Lots of accessories and small parts means it can be messy and require lots of cleanup for parents

A Guide to Buying the Best Barbie House & FAQ

How do I know which Barbie house is best for my kid?

(a) Consider your child’s age

All of the Barbie houses listed here, and most dollhouses of any brand, are rated for children ages 3 and up. Many come with small parts and accessories that may not be safe for toddlers or smaller children. So that would be the number one consideration.

(b) Size of the Barbie house

Do you have plenty of room for a gigantic Dreamhouse, or would a smaller and foldable house work better in your space? There are great options at every size, and even portable Barbie houses that your child can take on the go.

(c) What’s your budget?

The Barbie houses on this list run from $30-40 up to $200. As expected, the larger Dreamhouses are on the higher end of the spectrum, but there are plenty of nice options at around $100. Even our budget option, which is also portable, would keep children entertained and happy.

Do the Barbie houses come with Barbies?

No. None of the Barbie houses on this list, or any we could find, include actual Barbie dolls. There are smaller playsets, like this Chelsea doll treehouse set, or doll and accessories sets like this one, that include the doll. However, the actual dollhouses do not include dolls.

Do I need to buy extra accessories?

Accessories are included in all of the houses we recommend here. Additional accessories are not necessary, but some would be super fun to include, like the Barbie Dream Closet with tons of extra clothes and accessories for Barbie.

Do Barbies fit in KidKraft houses?

Many KidKraft dollhouses are large enough for Barbies. Our pick for best overall dollhouse in this article is a KidKraft house that’s designed to accommodate Barbies and other dolls that are 12 inches tall.

Whether you choose a Barbie-brand dollhouse or another brand is a matter of taste and also the interest of the child.

Is it hard to put together the Barbie Dreamhouse?

Both the Barbie Dreamhouses require assembly, but a majority of reviewers on Amazon said they were both fairly easy to assemble. Some said it was a lot simpler than they anticipated and were able to get it together quicker than they thought. Both also score high ratings on Amazon, so the vast majority of reviewers thought the effort was worth it.

Final thoughts

Don’t skimp on a Barbie house when buying your child a Barbie. Giving Barbie her own house will definitely make pretend play with her even more enjoyable. We hope our picks for the best Barbie houses have given you an idea of what to choose for your needs!

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