The 7 Best iPad Cases for Kids in 2024

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Our Top 3 Picks for the Best iPad Cases for Kids

Tading iPad Case for Kids
Best for younger kids
This friendly insect delights little ones while offering rugged protection. It’s functional while being the cutest case on our list.
Best iPad cases for kids: PEPKOO Kids Case for iPad
Best overall
We love this EVA foam case and its rotating stand. It’s non-toxic, durable and intuitive. The design won’t embarrass adult users either.
Gumdrop Hideaway Case
Best for shared iPads
Gumdrop’s soft silicone comes in neutral colors, offers screen protection and holds your pencil. Nothing beats a toddler-safe case with adult functionality.

Keeping your kids equipped for school is priceless. iPads, on the other hand, cost a pretty penny. Secure your child’s tablet with a heavy-duty case and prevent expensive repairs. Your future self will thank you.

Screen time has surged in 2020 for adults and kids alike. Kids and parents both often use tablets for Zoom calls and assignments. Younger children have increased their time playing games and watching videos while adults try to work from home. Sometimes this means tablets pull double-duty, operating as an entertainment center and a grown-up workstation. Other families own separate tablets for kids and adults.

Regardless of how you use your iPad, you need to keep it safe. Toddlers have been known to drip PB&J on the screen, and preschoolers sometimes throw their tablets during tantrums. Even cautious adults might knock an iPad off the table (no naming names here).

We’ve pulled together a list of this year’s best iPad cases for kids. Whether you need something professional or brightly colored, you can breathe easy while your kid uses the iPad as a ping-pong paddle.

The Best iPad Cases for Kids by Category

Best overall iPad case for kids: PEPKOO Kids Case

Best iPad cases for kids: PEPKOO Kids Case for iPad
Users can prop this heavy-duty foam case on several angles, making it ideal for videos, games, books, Zoom calls, and typing. The design won’t embarrass adults too if you choose it in black.

This one wowed us with a 360-degree kickstand. Most toddler cases are designed solely for landscape mode. Users can prop this heavy-duty foam case on several angles, making it ideal for videos, games, books, Zoom calls, and typing. The stand doubles as a handle for kids on-the-move. Although it lacks a screen protector, the foam extends past the screen to defend it during falls. A third-party screen protector should easily fit into this case.

If you’re still not impressed, check out the available colors. Pepkoo offers bright blue, green, and pink, as well as a sleek black. Nothing beats a kid-friendly case that won’t embarrass you in meetings.

  • Fully rotating stand
  • Kid- and adult-friendly colors
  • No screen protector

Runner-up for best iPad case for kids: Otterbox Defender

OtterBox has had a loyal fan base since 1998 and these customers don’t follow blindly. “OtterBox” is practically synonymous with durability. The Defender is sleek and compact, offering a professional look for adults, while being highly shockproof. You can rest easy handing your iPad to a toddler when it’s dressed in an OtterBox.

The Defender has a hard shell with a soft cover, a storage spot for the Apple pencil, port covers, and a stand that works in landscape or portrait. It’s not as intuitive for little ones, but once you show your kids the ropes, they should have no trouble operating the buttons or stand.

  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for shared iPads
  • Higher price tag

Best iPad case for younger kids: Tading Butterfly Case

Tading iPad Case for Kids
The bright hues and friendly shape will appeal to the smallest iPad users and encourage them to keep the case on.

Tading’s butterfly-shaped case comes in nine colors, including plenty of gender-neutral ones. The bright hues and friendly shape will appeal to the smallest iPad users and encourage them to keep the case on. It’s made of non-toxic EVA foam that guards against falls from up to six feet. One wing has holes that could hold a strap, though the case doesn’t include one. Users rave about how sturdy the wings are as a kickstand and how much kids love the insect shape.

  • Can be propped in landscape or portrait mode
  • Raised edges shelter screen when face-down
  • No screen protector
  • A little bulky for travel

Best iPad case for older kids: SEYMAC case

SEYMAC Three Layer Heavy Duty Drop Shockproof Case
Great for older kids who prefer cases that don’t look like toys.

Older kids prefer cases that don’t look like toys. This folio-style case eliminates the kiddie appearance of some foam protectors. Having a folding cover guards against scratches and dirt while the tablet travels in a backpack. The Seymac case looks light, but the hard shell and soft cover are shockproof. It’s enough padding to shield your iPad as it tumbles off the desk. It’s a pretty basic-looking case, but the five color options guarantee your kid can find one in their style.

  • Wakes when opened
  • Pencil holder
  • No portrait mode
  • Some complain that the folding cover and pen holder are flimsy
  • A few people have still shattered their iPad while using this case

Best iPad case for kids with screen protector: TopEsct case

TopEsct kids case for iPad
With the handle, kids can comfortably hold the tablet during use or carry it from room to room.

TopEsct designed a versatile shockproof case. There’s a handle on three sides, plus slots for an included strap. Kids can comfortably hold the tablet during use or carry it from room to room. The strap quickly slides over a car seat headrest for on-the-go entertainment. But the real treat is a tempered glass screen protector. Pencil users can avoid accidental screen scratches, and parents will love the ease of wiping crumbs off the iPad.

  • Comes in seven colors
  • Less bulky than foam cases
  • Silicone a little slippery for clumsy kiddos
  • Some complain that it feels cheap and flimsy. Younger kids will probably need a more sturdy case

Best on-the-go iPad case for kids: Ambison Case

ambison Full Body Protective Case
Parents can slide the strap over their headrest for backseat entertainment.

We love the Ambison case for busy families. It’s especially helpful for users who share an iPad, since it looks more professional. There’s a storage slot for an Apple pencil and a tempered glass screen protector to prevent scratches. The 360-degree rotating kickstand is incredibly versatile, allowing the iPad to sit up at any angle. Perfect for hands-free use during Zoom calls, gaming or movies.

Ambison includes a strap with their case. Parents can slide this over their headrest for backseat entertainment. Whether you travel with your iPad for work or fun, this is a sleek yet rugged option for the whole family.

  • Hand strap for easy maneuvering
  • Great for work or play
  • Some users say the port protectors fall apart quickly
  • You may receive one that hasn’t passed stringent quality control

Best iPad case for shared iPads: Gumdrop Hideaway case

Gumdrop Hideaway Case
Looks like an adult case and fits in well at meetings, but rugged enough to defend against toddler tantrums.

Ideally, a shared iPad wears an intuitive yet classy case. It looks like an adult case and fits in well at meetings. But it’s rugged enough to defend against toddler tantrums. It offers features for a working adult while functioning perfectly for your preschooler. The Gumdrop Hideaway case checks all these boxes. It safeguards against falls up to six feet, has storage for your Apple pencil, and comes with a screen protector. The soft silicone cover fits perfectly into kid hands and comes in three different color schemes.

  • Kickstand clicks shut with magnetic snaps
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Some reviewers don’t like the plastic screen protector

A Guide to Buying the Best iPad Cases for Kids

How to choose the best iPad case for your kids

You’re convinced a bare iPad is asking for trouble. But how do you pick the perfect case for your tablet? Consider these points while shopping:

Primary user

Who uses your tablet most of the time? If the iPad truly belongs to your toddler, look for something lightweight and easy-to-carry that includes a kickstand. A screen protector will be your best friend. If you’re sharing your iPad though, you’ll need something multi-purpose. A butterfly-shaped case might be an odd companion at board meetings. Look for something professional that’s still intuitive for little ones.

Primary purpose

Is the iPad for work or play? Does it stay at home or accompany you on errands? Decide in advance whether or not you’ll use the iPad during car rides. Look for one with a strap to hang over headrests. Will the tablet be going in and out of backpacks? A folio cover will keep the screen clean. Some kids use the iPad for gaming and need to prop it up in portrait mode. Be sure your tablet case works in most scenarios.

iPad model

This seems obvious, but be sure you’re buying a case for your particular iPad model. Apple makes different styles of tablet and each one has multiple generations. These tend to vary in size, which means iPad cases aren’t one-size-fits-all. You might not be able to share cases between iPads, or move them from your old iPad to your upgraded model. Check the type of iPad, the generation and the model number before purchasing.

FAQ on iPad Cases for Kids

Do iPads need a screen protector?

If you have older, careful kids, you could manage without one. They’re less likely to drop peanut butter on the screen and more likely to value the tablet. On the other hand, even adults drop technology from time to time. Find a screen protector that doesn’t limit functionality and it may save you some future grief.

Do iPad cases let you use a keyboard?

Some companies do make cases that integrate bluetooth keyboards. If you regularly use a keyboard with your iPad, one of these makes sense for you. For our purposes, we focused on users who operate iPads solely as tablets. These kid-friendly, shockproof cases will need to be removed before connecting a keyboard. This shouldn’t be a problem if you only use keyboards occasionally and if your case is easy to take off.

Do I need a waterproof case?

Unless you bring your iPad kayaking every day, you can do without a waterproof case. Normal cases are wipeable and defend perfectly against baby drool. Of course, if you spill your coffee regularly or your tween takes their iPad to the pool, a waterproof case may be worth it. We recommend a waterproof bag for occasional trips to the beach. The iPad will retain its functionality while staying safe from sand and spray.

Will I need to remove the case to access buttons or ports?

A great case will have openings for ports, speakers, and cameras. You should only need to remove the case to give it a deep clean. If you plan to do this often, get a case that’s easy for an adult to remove.

Final thoughts

Rest easy knowing there’s a case out there to meet your needs. Working adults shouldn’t be forced to use a pink pony protector, and little ones shouldn’t be stuck with a fancy leather folio. Make a list of your requirements and you’re sure to find the best case for your family’s precious iPad.

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