The Best LEGO Technic Sets in 2024

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Our Top Picks for Best LEGO Technic Sets by Experience Level

Best LEGO Technic Set for Beginners: LEGO Technic Stunt Truck 42059 Vehicle Set
Best LEGO Technic Set for Beginners
The Stunt Truck is a straightforward build that won’t overwhelm kids. It results in a cool vehicle that withstands heavy play.
Best LEGO Technic Set for Intermediate Builders: LEGO Technic 42040 Fire Plane Building Kit
Best LEGO Technic Set for Intermediate Builders
This more advanced build will make older kids feel accomplished. The plane’s details, like working propellers, make playtime extra exciting.
Best Complex LEGO Technic Set: LEGO Technic 42030 Remote Controlled Volvo L350F Wheel Load
Best Complex LEGO Technic Set
Thousands of tiny LEGO pieces create a hugely impressive construction truck. The intricate building process and Power Functions make a great truck for play or display.

If your LEGO fan has mastered traditional brick building, move on to the next challenge with a LEGO Technic kit. LEGO Technic takes STEM learning up a notch by combining the art of LEGO with more difficult engineering concepts. As a bonus, the Technic cars, planes and construction vehicles stand up to rough play — a common problem with traditional, more quickly collapsible LEGO builds.

The LEGO Technic line is huge, and the options can feel overwhelming to a new customer. LEGO Technic sets range from beginner to incredibly complex. Some are motorized and some move manually. A new Technic builder would enjoy a straightforward kit with a low brick count. As your child grows, so do Technic sets. You may eventually find yourself purchasing a LEGO Technic set with thousands of pieces and battery-powered engines.

Luckily for you, we’ve done plenty of research. Check out our choices for the best LEGO Technic sets for beginners, intermediate builders, and experts looking for a challenge. We’ve also listed some of the most popular kits on the market in case you want to add more to your wish list.

The 5 Best LEGO Technic Sets for Beginners

1. Record Breaker

The Record Breaker is speedy and stylish. The pullback function allows this vehicle to race down hallways. It’s durable and not too big, making it a great toy for little LEGO fans. Plus, when combined with the Quad Bike kit, these pieces make an extreme off-roader.

Key features
  • Pullback function
  • Meant to combine with another Technic set
  • 125 pieces
  • Weight: 9.4oz

  • Easy enough for a 6-year-old
  • A great introduction to LEGO Technic
  • Fun details make for an exciting playtime
  • The finished vehicle is too small for a minifigure to fit in the driver’s seat

2. Stunt Truck

The Stunt Truck is great for kiddos who love to watch their vehicles do tricks. This pullback truck can fly up and over the included ramp. It also combines with the Stunt Bike kit to make a Power Racer.

Key features
  • Includes LEGO Technic 40th Anniversary brick
  • Fun racing flag stickers
  • 142 pieces
  • Weight: 11.2oz

  • A straightforward build for young kids
  • Durable enough for rough play
  • The cardboard ramp is flimsy and falls apart quickly


This car is both fun to look at and play with! The pullback race car zooms down hallways and crashes into walls without falling to pieces. It combines with the popular WHACK kit to make a super vehicle, though you’ll have to get the instructions to make the WHACK! ‘N’ BASH! kit online.

Key features
  • Engine pops out when it crashes
  • Combines with WHACK set to make super car
  • 139 pieces
  • Weight: 10.7oz

  • Fun details like flame decals and big spoiler
  • Durable for heavy play
  • Some users expect it to be bigger

4. Getaway Racer

The Getaway Racer’s skull and flames design resembles Hot Wheels’ Bone Shaker. This makes it a great choice for a little builder who loves both brands. When combined with the Police Interceptor, this kit makes an extra fast emergency vehicle.

Key features
  • Heavy-duty front bumper
  • Fast pullback motor
  • 170 pieces
  • Weight: 10.7oz

  • Fun for racing and crashing
  • Great introductory set
  • Some users find it too small

5. Cherry Picker

The Cherry Picker is a good intro set for kids who love construction trucks. They’ll enjoy the warning lights, working basket and big tires. Users also love the secondary model of the Tow Truck, but you’ll have to get the instructions to build that online.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 kit also becomes a tow truck
  • Plenty of eye-catching detail
  • 155 pieces
  • Weight: 5.6oz

  • Combines with traditional bricks for creative play
  • Easy way to introduce STEM concepts to young kids
  • Some users wish it had more moving parts

The 5 Best LEGO Technic Sets for Intermediate Builders

1. Rally Car

This LEGO Technic set is visually pleasing. There are detailed engine parts under the hood as well as bright colors and a big spoiler. Kids will feel like engineers when they use the app to control their car’s movement.

Key features
  • Controlled by a smart device
  • Working steering and suspension
  • 463 pieces
  • Weight: 2.35lbs

  • Kids learn firsthand about remote controls
  • Design makes it great for display
  • Drives more slowly than expected while taking up 6 AA batteries

2. Fire Plane

This 2-in-1 set becomes a fire fighting plane or a jet with a refueling truck. After construction, the plane can release blue “water” blocks to fight fires. It also has a joystick that moves the tail and the elevators. Sadly, it can’t actually fly.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 set can also become a jet plane
  • Many moving parts
  • 578 pieces
  • Weight: 2.65lbs

  • Many features, like moving propellers, keep kids entertained
  • Fun for kids who aren’t into cars
  • Users like A and B models equally
  • Some users complain about missing parts
  • Price tag might turn off buyers

3. Customized Pick-Up Truck

Definitely an increased challenge, especially if you add the LEGO Power Functions motor set (sold separately). This truck has several manual functions, like a tilting bed and moving winch. The tires are large and durable for heavy play.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 kit also becomes a forest skidder
  • Many moving parts
  • 1063 pieces
  • Weight: 3.55lbs

  • Easily modified to add motors
  • A great set for budding engineers
  • The working engine requires a second purchase of the Power Functions motor set
  • Large number of pieces means increased potential for missing parts

4. Tracked Loader

This is a great kit for experienced young builders who love construction trucks. The loader has a working claw and two-speed winch. The cab rotates all the way around and the tracks move perfectly over rugged terrain.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 kit can become a dump truck
  • Many non-motorized functions
  • 827 pieces
  • Weight: 2.2lbs

  • Fun accessories like logs for winching
  • Tracks don’t move so well on smooth surfaces like tables
  • Higher price tag for a non-motorized model

5. Heavy Duty Forklift

Builders will enjoy constructing this vehicle with a working pallet lifter and rear-wheel steering. For extra fun, it also turns into a tow truck with functioning tow lift. It’s a great pick for intermediate builders who aren’t into race cars.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 set also becomes a tow truck
  • Both models feature many moving parts
  • Heavy on the little details
  • 592 pieces
  • Weight: 2.2lbs

  • Fun details like hazard light and stickers
  • Working parts and durable nature make for good play
  • No motor

The 5 Best LEGO Technic Sets for Experienced Builders and Adults

1. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

This motorcycle can be assembled by an experienced and patient kid. It’s more common, though, to see it gifted to adults who love motorbikes. The finished vehicle has moving pistons, a kickstand and working steering. Adults will love displaying the motorcycle in a place of honor.

Key features
  • True-to-life design
  • 2-in-1 kit also becomes a concept bike
  • 603 pieces
  • Weight: 1.69lbs

  • Developed with BMW, so details are true-to-life
  • Great price point for an adult-friendly build
  • Motorcycle enthusiasts love this set
  • Might disappoint users looking for a time-consuming project
  • Some builders are disappointed there’s no seat

2. Lamborghini Sian FKP

The newest Technic supercar comes with the signature Lamborghini scissor doors, a detailed dashboard and an 8-speed working gearbox. It’s a time-consuming build, perfect for someone who loves the thrill of a challenge. There are enough features to make this vehicle fun for playtime, but its luxury car beauty makes it an excellent display piece.

Key features
  • 1:8 model is true to life
  • Comes with a coffee table quality instruction book
  • Signature Lamborghini details
  • 3696 pieces
  • Weight: 15.36lbs

  • Designed for display
  • Builders love the working gearbox
  • Some users complain the pieces are different shades of green

3. Liebherr Excavator

It’s a huge replica of the famous coal mining excavator. The details easily impress, including the extendable ladder and true-to-life sticker decals. But the most fun part of this excavator is watching it move. This Technic set includes 7 different motors that function with an app on your smart device.

Key features
  • Has 7 motors for a  full lineup of power functions
  • True-to-life replica
  • Controlled with your smart device
  • 4108 pieces
  • Weight: 13.2lbs

  • Intricate build will keep users perfectly challenged
  • Impressive to look at
  • Motorized functions make a great play time
  • Can only be built one way
  • Finished product is really big

4. VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader

This build produces an exact replica of the Volvo Wheel Loader, complete with intricate details and a working motor. After turning it on, the lift arm works and the vehicle drives smoothly. It’s a complex build for anyone who loves a challenge. It’s also incredibly satisfying to play with afterwards.

Key features
  • Developed with VOLVO for a realistic product
  • Comes with Power Functions
  • 2-in-1 kit also makes a remote-controlled Volvo A25F Articulated Hauler
  • 1636 pieces
  • Weight: 9.4lbs

  • Impressive display piece, but also fun to play with
  • Wonderful driving function
  • The intensity of the set might wear out an impatient builder
  • Finished vehicle is huge

5. Rough Terrain Crane

If you’re looking for something with intricate detail and power function, the Rough Terrain Crane is a great pick. Motors rotate the crane and move the winch. Doors open to reveal a fire extinguisher and other work tools. It’s an impressive finished product and the tallest LEGO Technic crane to date with up to 39 inches in height!

Key features
  • Lots of power functions
  • 2-in-1 model also becomes a mobile pile driver
  • Tallest Technic crane at 39″ in the working position
  • 4057 pieces
  • Weight: 2.2lbs

  • Moving parts keep kids focused and entertained
  • Power Functions teaches kids about engineering
  • Very time-consuming
  • Messing up one step can throw off the whole build

1. Chevy Corvette ZR1

The mouth-watering details in this Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 will appeal to any race car fan: 4 tailpipes, moving pistons, a rear wing, working steering. It’s not too difficult, but still challenging enough to be fun. The Corvette is a popular pick among car enthusiasts for good reason.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 set also becomes a hot rod
  • Working steering and moving pistons
  • 579 pieces
  • Weight: 1.74lbs

  • Durable for play
  • Affordable for such a large and popular set
  • No motorized functions


A pullback stunt car that’s designed to crash. It’s the perfect level of challenge for new Technic builders. It also combines with the popular BASH kit to make a super vehicle, though you’ll have to get the instructions to make the WHACK! ‘N’ BASH! kit online.

Key features
  • The engine pops out on impact
  • Combines with BASH to make a super car
  • Fast pullback motor
  • 135 pieces
  • Weight: 10.7oz

  • Kids will love when the engine pops out on impact
  • Incredibly durable for play
  • Designed for ages 7+, but many users report success with younger kids
  • Some builders expect it to be bigger

3. Land Rover Defender

This set was developed in partnership with Land Rover, and it shows in the details. The Defender houses a state of the art gearbox, as well as moving pistons, an accessorized dashboard and a working winch. Probably better for car enthusiasts than engineers since it’s not a motorized model.

Key features
  • Designed with Land Rover to be true to life
  • State-of-the-art gearbox
  • Many non-motorized moving parts
  • 2573 pieces
  • Weight: 2.2lbs

  • Over 2500 pieces provide a solid challenge for LEGO fans
  • Beautiful enough for display
  • Lots of users report missing parts
  • Lack of motor might disappoint some builders

4. Race Truck 42104

The pull-back Race Truck is a popular choice for first-time Technic builders. It’s a fairly simple and straightforward build that results in a fast and colorful vehicle. Details like the large spoiler, exhaust pipe and functioning hood should appeal to young LEGO fans.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 model also becomes a racer
  • Includes accessories like stickers and a finish line
  • Large spoiler and exhaust pipe
  • Pull-back motor
  • 227 pieces
  • Weight: 12.8oz

  • Holds up to rough play
  • Comes with fun accessories like stickers and a finish line
  • Some said the instructions were complicated

5. Bugatti Chiron Racecar

While the piece count might intimidate little guys, it makes a great challenge for experienced builders. The attention to detail keeps the Bugatti Chiron in high demand. It includes an 8-speed gearbox, rear wing, paddle gear shift, suspension and tiny steering wheel.

Key features
  • Assembled the same way as the actual car
  • True-to-life details
  • 3599 pieces
  • Weight: 2.2lbs

  • Lights kit can be purchased separately and added for a big wow factor
  • Older set can be hard to find
  • Its rare status means a higher price tag
  • Power functions aren’t included

6. RC Tracked Racer

Has your child ever dreamed of building their own remote-controlled car? This kit provides wonderful learning opportunities. Builders are exposed to concepts of car building and radio transmission. The 2-in-1 model also becomes an RC Off-Road Truck.

Key features
  • Remote control functions include forward, back, left, right, and 360-degree turns
  • Includes 2 motors
  • 2-in-1 model also becomes an off-road truck
  • 370 pieces
  • Weight: 1.85lbs

  • Compatible with other LEGO Technic sets for creative building
  • Some users are disappointed in the speeds
  • On the smaller side

7. 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck

This is a cool-looking vehicle that boasts the largest LEGO Technic wheels to date. Power Functions allow for remote-controlled movement, and the retractable winch and working pulling crane make it fun to play with. The truck’s bright appearance and cool features could inspire builders to challenge their abilities.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 model can also become a research explorer vehicle
  • Largest LEGO Technic wheels yet
  • Many power functions
  • 1862 pieces
  • Weight: 8.2lbs

  • Users praise the remote control functions
  • Lights aren’t part of the Power Functions
  • Doesn’t drive very fast

8. Mack Anthem

This truck is an exciting challenge for older builders. It’s also incredibly fun to play with in either form. The Semi Truck has an extendable crane boom, and the B model Mack LR Garbage Truck has movable forks. Both vehicles are durable for rough child’s play.

Key features
  • Hydraulic lifts and moving motor
  • Extendable crane boom
  • 2-in-1 model becomes a Mack LR garbage truck
  • 2595 pieces
  • Weight: 7.63lbs

  • Complex design makes for a satisfying build
  • Fun details like hydraulic lifts and moving motor parts
  • Both A and B models are great for play and display
  • Many users complain of missing pieces
  • No Power Functions

9. Bucket Wheel Excavator

This behemoth of a Bucket Wheel Excavator brings a huge wow factor. It’s the largest LEGO Technic set created and includes nearly 4000 pieces. It comes with a little mining dump truck that allows builders to complete the mining cycle: pick up rubble with excavator buckets, watch the pieces move on the motorized conveyor belts and drop into the dump bed. Builders will feel truly accomplished after this one.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 model also becomes a mobile aggregate processing plant
  • Largest LEGO Technic set yet
  • Many motorized moving parts
  • 3929 pieces
  • Weight: 12.89lbs

  • Finished truck is an impressive display piece
  • Multiple details make it fun to play with
  • The finished vehicle might be too huge
  • Some users report the motorized movements are jerky

10. Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

This is a popular set among engineers. It features the Power Function motor and a detailed pneumatic system. Builders can operate the grabber and arm, tilt the dump bed and check out the engine’s moving pistons. It’s a great choice for experienced builders who love construction vehicles and Power Functions.

Key features
  • 2-in-1 set also becomes an articulated construction truck
  • Comes with Power Functions
  • Has a pneumatic system
  • 2793 pieces
  • Weight: 9.88lbs

  • Impressive details make for a great display
  • Motorized functions operate smoothly
  • Some users complain of missing pieces
  • Might be too time-consuming

A Guide to Buying the Best Lego Technic Sets & FAQ

A LEGO Technic set combines the best of traditional brick building with STEM learning. Regular LEGO kits teach kids about gravity and symmetry and balance, but Technic kits include concepts like gear function and electricity. The Technic line is truly remarkable for its ability to get kids interested in engineering, or advancing their knowledge of these concepts.

If your child has gotten bored with traditional LEGO building, Technic sets are a wonderful way to rekindle their interest. Even if your kid loves building with LEGO sets, they’ll be thrilled to see their Technic creations actually move and withstand heavy play. Technic sets also make wonderful gifts for adults who love engineering and the challenge of an intricate build.

There are several different types of LEGO Technic sets. Even after reading about our top picks, you might be overwhelmed. We’ve answered some common questions in order to set your mind at ease.

Who can build a LEGO Technic set? Can kids do this independently?

LEGO recommends the Technic line for kids as young as seven. However, some users report their 5-year-old built a WHACK by themselves. It depends on your individual child and their familiarity with LEGO. You’re the best judge of your kid’s dexterity and focus, and the age range should be used as a guide. Even beginner Technic sets can be a great activity to do with an older child new to this type of LEGO.

How durable is a LEGO Technic vehicle? If I lose a piece or it breaks, can we get replacement parts?

Users report their Technic vehicles can withstand some serious play. WHACK and BASH in particular are designed to crash into walls. Although Technic sets are designed with play in mind, they also function well as display pieces. If you do lose or break a piece, we recommend contacting LEGO directly. They’re usually able to send you a replacement part for a small fee.

LEGO Technic sets are more durable than traditional LEGO sets because they’re fixed together through sturdy interlocking pieces that look like rods, beams and pins, rather than the traditional bricks with studs that click and fasten. Thus it’s much harder for them to fall apart.

Can these only be constructed one way? What is a 2-in-1 kit?

It’s true that traditional LEGO sets are more open-ended. But plenty of builders have used Technic pieces to make their own creations. Some kits are meant to be combined to form a new super vehicle. Others are 2-in-1 kits, which means LEGO intended those parts to be able to create two different builds. The Volvo Wheel Loader, for instance, can also become a dump truck.

LEGO puts all the secondary build instructions only online, especially for their larger Technic sets. You can also find fan forums such as Eurobricks and Rebrickable where users post instructions for modifications. Honestly, if your builder wants to mod their vehicle with battery power or turn the parts into something new, the sky’s the limit.

Are LEGO Technic sets safe for young kids?

Again, you know your child best. If you have little ones at home who love mouthing things, be careful with Technic sets. These pieces are small and intricate and could be a choking hazard. But like all LEGO pieces, their biggest threat is probably causing pain when you step on them.

Do all LEGO Technic sets move?

No. Not every Technic set is designed for power accessories. Many of the models listed here have manual functions, like turning a crank to lower a crane hook. Plenty of Technic sets do come with batteries and can also be modified to use power accessories. You can buy the power accessories or light kits separately.

If the sets do not come with Power Functions, you can do a web search to see if others have managed to modify the set to fit them.

Why are some LEGO Technic sets so expensive?

LEGO retires their sets and stops producing them roughly after two years, though the timeline depends on many factors. Discontinued sets become rarer items and their value thus increases.

If your kid/partner/whoever you’re buying for is not a LEGO collector, and you just want them to enjoy building and learning STEM concepts, you can simply get a well-reviewed LEGO Technic set that’s currently selling in LEGO stores or on the LEGO website. Otherwise, prepare to fork out more money for retired sets that are a must-have, like the Bucket Wheel Excavator.

Can my LEGO minifigures drive Technic vehicles?

Unfortunately not. Occasionally a minifigure will fit inside a Technic cab, but they won’t click in as most Technic pieces don’t have the traditional LEGO bricks with studs. When the car or truck drives, the minifigure will probably fall out of the chair. If you simply want to display your finished Technic build, you might be able to prop a tiny “LEGO guy” into the driver’s seat.

Final thoughts

LEGO Technic can be an educational and enjoyable pastime for kids and adults who love intricate projects. Younger kids will be introduced to STEM concepts and experienced builders will put those concepts to practical use. Truly, there’s nothing more fun than seeing the joy on your child’s face as he races with a remote control car he built himself. We hope you’ve managed to find a suitable LEGO Technic set from our recommendations above.

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