The 25 Best Budget LEGO Sets in 2024

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Our Top 3 Picks for Best Budget LEGO Sets

LEGO Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing Gen2 car and Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY 76898 Building Kit
Get the most bang for your buck with this set of two race cars. The iconic electric Jaguars are great for sibling play and look impressive on display.

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 Building Kit
The amount of minifigures and accessories make this set a steal. Kids build a haunted cave and add a cute ghost dog to their LEGO collection.
Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Build It Yourself Dinosaur Set
This small set has incredible rebuild value. The 174 pieces come with instructions for three different dinosaurs, and builders can find more variations online.

With its popularity and long history, LEGO feels like a childhood necessity. But the price tag can be off-putting to parents. Thankfully, LEGO does have sets that provide a ton of fun at low cost.

Consider your child’s interests and abilities. Will they be deterred by a challenge? Would they love an astronaut minifigure? LEGO makes sets for car lovers and Star Wars fans alike.

If you’ve never purchased LEGO blocks, we recommend starting with the Classic Creative Fun Building Kit. The box includes 900 pieces in various shapes and colors. A classic baseplate keeps their creations sturdy and prevents the blocks from sliding all over the table or floor.

Once you have the basics, add new sets from our curated list. Even the small kits are thrilling for young builders. Most include new pieces that can be integrated into larger LEGO collections. 

We’ve selected some of the best budget LEGO sets and detailed them below. All of the sets below are priced under $30 on the LEGO online store. Our favorites pack a big punch with a low price. Whether you’re looking for a creative building project or a movie tie-in, you’re sure to find the right set.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Creator

Mighty Dinosaurs

Creator sets offer the most bang for your buck, including multiple build options and instructions for each. This Mighty Dinosaur set becomes a T-Rex, Triceratops, or Pterodactyl. Adventurous builders can find more instructions online, including one on for a Brachiosaurus.

The downside is you can’t have all the dinosaurs simultaneously without buying multiple sets. But the rebuilding factor is a great excuse for kids to use this set over and over again. The interesting pieces, like claws and teeth, also make wonderful additions to existing LEGO collections.

Monster Truck

Create three different vehicles with one set! The main build, a monster truck, comes ready to smash and crash. Its partner vehicle is a half-wrecked red car. Kids use the monster truck’s giant wheels to finish the job. Then they’re able to rebuild the set as a muscle car with a starting line or a fast dragster. It’s suitable for beginner builders, but can also be enjoyed by older, more experienced LEGO fans.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Speed Champions

Jaguar Racing Gen2 car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY

This racing set features the Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing Gen2 car alongside the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY. The models are based on the famous electric cars and feature true-to-life details. Both cars come with driver minifigures, and the set also has a starting line with faux lights.

Having two cars makes it a great set for play, alone or with a friend. The details are intricate enough though that it also looks good on display. Getting 565 pieces that result in two vehicles and tons of fun makes the Jaguar set a steal.

Ferrari F8 Tributo

Car fans will jump at the chance to recreate the superfast Ferrari F8 Tributo. LEGO’s new Speed Champions sets are 25% bigger, so they’re able to add even more detail. The new width also allows for a driver minifigure. LEGO’s Tributo has an authentic rear wing and silver wheels. The 275-piece model rolls well when kids race it around the house. But it also looks impressive as a display piece.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Hidden Side

LEGO created the Hidden Side line in order to bridge the gap between real-life play and digital apps. The Hidden Side sets have an augmented reality feature and tie in to a LEGO game. Players scan the bricks and see ghosts on their phone screens, then catch ghosts, collect them, and battle spooky bosses. Even without the digital aspect, the Hidden Side line looks cool and makes for an entertaining build.

Wrecked Shrimp Boat

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 Building Kit
A series that’s great for melding augmented reality tech with physical brick play. The shrimp boat appears haunted in the app, and builders can wreck it in the real world too.

This Hidden Side build comes with some impressive and unique parts. Kids create haunted rocky cliffs complete with monstrous teeth. They’ll also acquire a little yellow kayak, Spencer the ghost dog, four minifigures, and an albino alligator. The shrimp boat appears haunted in the app, and builders can wreck it in the real world too. It splits into two pieces and crashes upon the rocks. Kids into the paranormal will adore Spencer and the ghostly Captain Archibald.

El Fuego’s Stunt Plane

This one stands out from the rest because it centers on an airplane. The plane features working stud shooters and a spinning propeller. Along with the solid and impressive plane, builders get Spencer the ghost dog and three minifigures. One of them, El Fuego, is an awesome LEGO skeleton.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Superheroes

Iron Man Mech

These 148 pieces are a dream come true for kids who love Iron Man. They get to build an Iron Man mech suit, then insert the Iron Man minifigure. The giant armor has a working stud shooter for kids to play with long after the build is over. Although the finished product is fairly small, it’s more complex than some sets on this list. If your child loves it, you can add the similar Spider-Man or Thanos mech suit sets.

Spider-Jet vs Venom Mech

Impress your kids while staying under budget! This Spider-Man LEGO set includes three minifigures, a big mech suit and a jet. The four-armed Venom suit is impressive on its own, but looks better when the Venom minifigure operates it, battling Spider-Man with long arms and claws. Spider-Man’s jet has working push-button disc shooters and missile launchers. Either the Spider-Man or Noir Spider-Man minifigure pilots while the other hero fights Venom.

The set has other accessories too, like a safe with gold bars and a $100 bill. Kids will enjoy building this one, then have even more fun playing afterwards.

Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker

Parents love this nod to classic Batman. The Batmobile here resembles the animated series and Tim Burton movies. Kids create the long, detailed car and play with Batman and Joker minifigures. Joker comes with a working stud shooter, and the Batmobile has shooters along the sides. When the Batmobile rolls, the flaming exhaust spins behind it. This set also includes assorted bat elements that can be placed along the car, customizing the build.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Disney

Moana’s Ocean Adventure

If you’re on a tight budget or simply want a small set, check out Moana’s Ocean Adventure. The 46 pieces become a desert island and camakau sailboat. Moana’s minifigure holds an oar and the Heart of Tafiti. A mini Pua keeps her company on board. It’s a quick build that’s ideal for display or play. Disney fans will love having a Moana minifigure in their collection.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Star Wars

Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder

This Star Wars build is based on the original movie, A New Hope. Most of the 236 pieces become part of Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder. LEGO previously released a landspeeder, but this newer version has more detailed engines. The Luke minifigure received an upgrade too. He now wears a fabric poncho and carries binoculars. Luke is accompanied by a C-3PO minifigure, and they both fit in the vehicle’s seats. Kids use the rest of the blocks to build a sand cave for the Jawa minifigure.

Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor

Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor is an impressive set without a high price tag. His brightly-colored ship features spring-loaded shooters and fold-out wing flaps. The Jedi minifigure sits inside the cockpit while the R2-D2 figure fits into the wing’s droid slot. Anakin carries a blue lightsaber and his ship holds extra ammo.

The ship appears in Revenge of the Sith, but this set especially appeals to fans of Clone Wars. Anakin regularly flew the interceptor in episodes of the cartoon. 

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Harry Potter

Hogwarts Room of Requirement

Does your Harry Potter fan long for more books in the series? Get them the next best thing with this Wizarding World LEGO set. Little readers can keep the action going with Harry, Hermione and Luna minifigures. The students all come with wands, perfect for aiming spells at the practice Death Eater. They also summon their sparkly patronuses.

The build itself results in the room’s walls, complete with a fireplace. If this set is a success, add more Hogwarts parts. The castle-based sets connect for a large Harry Potter layout.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Ninjago

Jay & Lloyd’s Velocity Racers

Ready to excite your Ninjago fan? With Jay’s plane and Lloyd’s bike, kids can recreate the annual Speedway Five-Billion Race. The Jay and Lloyd minifigures come complete with swords, ready to battle the Hausner minifigure. All three minifigures come with health indicators from the Prime Empire game.

The set has some cool features: the yellow Key-tana opens extra wings on Jay’s plane, and Lloyd’s bike has blades that flip up and down. Hausner’s minifigure fits on a tiny hoverboard. Perfect for playing alone or with friends.

Empire Dragon

Although this set was designed specifically for Ninjago fans, it will impress anyone who loves dragons. And really, who doesn’t want an awesome, posable LEGO dragon? This dragon has impressive colors and movement, plus a cockpit for the villain Unagami minifigure.

Kai and Lloyd minifigures come equipped with twin swords for battling Unagami for the prized Key-tana. Kids can open the dragon’s mouth and attack Kai and Lloyd with a stud shooter.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO City

Race Boat Transporter

This LEGO City kit packs a lot into one little box. The 238 pieces make a transporter, complete with truck cab and trailer. Kids also build a racing boat that travels atop the trailer, secured with a LEGO clamp.

The two vehicles make this set ideal for siblings or friends. And the finished boat actually floats in water! Kids who want to play LEGO 24/7 can bring their creation into the bathtub.

Snow Groomer

Tracked vehicles are pretty rare for LEGO. This one is special, and fun to play with too. The groomer has a working snow cannon, and the finished plow lifts and lowers. Builders can incorporate the rolling tracks into their larger LEGO collection to create unique tracked vehicles. This set includes two minifigures: a driver with a coffee cup and a skier on removable blue skis.

Satellite Service Mission

If your child gets excited about space, they’ll love this budget buy. It’s a simple build that packs plenty of opportunity for make believe. The exploration shuttle has an opening cockpit for fitting your astronaut minifigure inside.

There’s also a satellite. The astronaut can use their wrench to repair the satellite, then zoom back to base. The shuttle has room in the back to store the satellite for transport. Many users say the finished product withstands play better than other LEGO creations.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Technic


LEGO Technic differs slightly from other LEGO lines. The pieces are more specialized, and the finished product has moving parts and functions. The Buggy works as an intro to Technic because it’s small and won’t overwhelm beginners. The sleek buggy comes with cool decals and bright colors, plus working suspension and steering. Instructions are available online to rebuild the buggy as a sleek race car.


Young technic builders who want more of a challenge will enjoy this tractor set. At 130 pieces, it’s small and fairly limited in features. But little ones love watching the cutter spin when the wheels move. The B model is a harvester with working steering. This set was developed with tractor-maker CLAAS and the colors and details are true-to-life. It’s an extra-special set for kids who love big working vehicles.


The Dragster appeals to kids who love playing with their LEGO creations. Unlike classic brick cars, the Technic vehicle won’t fall to pieces when it crashes. It also incorporates a powerful pullback motor. Little builders will love the dragster’s speed and stunts. This vehicle does impressive wheelies at takeoff!

The dragster won’t be difficult for Technic fans, but the details make up for it. The car has flames, bright decals, and comes with a realistic-looking starting light.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Friends

Panda Jungle Treehouse

The LEGO Friends sets tie in with the LEGO Friends TV show. But builders don’t need to watch the show to enjoy this cool treehouse. The 265-piece set includes a see-saw, monkey bars, a slide and a tire swing. It’s the perfect panda playground!

The minifigures use the wagon to pull around the three baby pandas. Kids help Mia and Olivia feed the babies or weigh them on the little LEGO scale. The treehouse would be awesome on display.

Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue

This Friends set was developed in partnership with National Geographic Explorers. The Jungle Rescue is designed to encourage children’s interest in the wild, highlighting ways people respect and preserve nature and animals.

The two minifigures, Emma and Stephanie, get to rescue a baby elephant. They have accessories like a walkie-talkie and baby bottle along with their Jeep. Kids build the foliage and vehicle, then feed the elephant and get him to safety. If builders tire of the intended role-play, the included parts would work well with other LEGO collections.

Best Budget LEGO Sets: LEGO Minecraft

Zombie Cave

Fans of Minecraft will love this set, complete with a Steve minifigure, bat, and zombies. The complete build has a furnace, lava, rocks, and a ladder for Steve to climb. There’s a trapdoor to open for dropping blocks into the lava. And Steve can bash open the rocks to find a diamond or coal.

It’s a fairly simple build, but if you’re on a budget, it’s a good pick for your Minecraft fan. The pieces are easily incorporated into other LEGO sets.

Pillager Outpost

The Pillager Outpost delights Minecraft fans without breaking the bank. It’s a three-section build that can be rearranged for hours of play. Builders get to rescue the Iron Golem from the Pillagers with an interactive block of TNT. Flick a switch and the TNT destroys the cage, releasing the giant.

Two Pillager minifigures have crossbows for practicing on their archery range. Some users are disappointed by the lack of a Pillager tower, but still find it a fun and affordable buy.

Final thoughts

LEGO has made some truly remarkable brick sets with thousands of pieces. But even the smaller, hundred-piece kits result in impressive vehicles and scenes. Kids can rebuild their favorite models, role-play with minifigures, or design their own unique creations. 

Parents love LEGOs for their open-ended nature and ability to inspire screen-free play. Now bring the joy of LEGO into your home without spending a fortune. With this much variety at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the right budget-friendly set for your little builder.

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