The 9 Best RC Cars for Kids in 2024

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Our Top 3 Picks for the Best RC Cars for Kids

Power Your Fun Stunt Roller Mini Remote Control Car for Kids
If your kids love watching cars spin, flip and jump, they’ll go bananas for this stunt roller. Get all the thrills of RC on a budget.
Best RC cars for kids: PHYWESS RC Car
Best overall
This small-but-powerful buggy delights beginners and experts alike. Drivers will love the 4×4 offroading, shiny headlights, and super speed.
DOUBLE E RC Cars Remote Control Car 1:12 Off Road Monster Truck
This fan favorite has double motors for extra power. It’s durable, all-terrain, and won’t get stuck. Perfect for rough play, indoors and out.

If you have a house full of kids, you probably also have a house full of trucks. Firetrucks are fun and excavators are excellent. But nothing beats the thrill of remote-controlled vehicles! Kids love driving their own cars around the house, through the yard, and down the sidewalk. Even better if the cars perform stunts.

Unfortunately, some of the speedy, high-powered vehicles cost hundreds of dollars. And kids’ toys have notoriously short lives. Why spend on a fortune on a car your child will likely destroy? Thankfully, many companies make rugged RC trucks that hold up well and won’t break the bank.

We’re thrilled to share this list of best RC cars for kids that’ll fit your budget. You’ll find amphibious trucks that drive in the pool, kid-friendly RC stunt cars, and a starter car for toddlers. They’re all durable toys that promote active, screen-free entertainment.

The Best RC Cars for Kids by Category

Best overall: PHYWESS RC Car

Best RC cars for kids: PHYWESS RC Car
Comes with everything your RC fan needs: two rechargeable batteries, heavy-duty shocks, adjustable speed, and a long controller range.

This blue buggy comes with everything your RC fan needs: two rechargeable batteries, heavy-duty shocks, adjustable speed, and a long controller range. It barrels over rough terrain with 4-wheel-drive, performing perfectly in puddles and light snow. The working headlights allow kids to drive their truck outdoors from dawn to dusk. Because it’s 1:16 scale, it’s also small enough for indoor play.

Users love how quick it is to set up and how long the batteries last. We enjoy the knob that adjusts maximum speed. It’s a zippy buggy, but this control prevents little ones from driving too fast. If you want to try a heavy-duty, powerful truck for your first RC, you can’t go wrong with the PHYWESS.

  • Drives up to 24mph, but can be capped by parents
  • Includes two long-lasting batteries
  • Might cost more than beginners want to spend

Best budget RC car for kids: Power Your Fun Stunt Roller Mini

Want to find out if your kid actually likes RC cars? This wallet-friendly stunt roller provides a wild introduction to RC. The tiny car packs a big punch, zooming around corners and doing flips. Kids and teens can use the simple controller for doing donuts. This mini is a perfect pick for young ones with short attention spans, since the battery only runs for 10mins. On the plus side, users spend around 15mins charging before they’re ready to play again.

  • Car is built for indoor and outdoor play
  • Charges quickly
  • Short battery life
  • Some kids might not like the small size
  • May randomly stop working. Manual is vague as well
  • May have charging issues

Best beginner RC car for kids: Double E 1:12 scale monster truck

Double E’s offroad monster truck is a solid pick for most users. Its huge wheels drive everywhere except in water. The truck can easily be controlled by kids, and they’ll love taking it outside to play. It’s not the fastest, but it’s amazing at indoor and outdoor obstacle courses. We love rechargeable batteries that actually work, and each Double E battery lasts around 20mins. This monster truck flies off ramps to entertain grown-ups, and offers the right level of challenge for children.

  • Has working headlights
  • Double motor gives it more climbing power
  • Beginners love that it doesn’t get stuck
  • Batteries aren’t that easy to remove
  • Steering may have problems. Several users complain that it can’t turn left
  • Wheels may break easily
  • Some users wish it was more durable

Best RC car for toddlers: Tikduck RC Cartoon Car

Tikduck RC Cartoon Car
Even if your child is too small to use the remote, they’ll love this multi-purpose vehicle.

This brightly-colored car provides hours of entertainment for little ones. Even if your child is too small to use the remote, they’ll love this multi-purpose vehicle. The Tikduck car has four modes: RC, follow, avoidance, and track. The car plays a kind of “Follow the Leader”, following behind an object 3 inches away. Make use of the included ball to watch the car chase the bouncing object!

In avoidance mode, your kid chases the car and it uses sensors to avoid being caught. The car also comes with a printed black “track”, and it drives along the line in track mode. Use a black marker to make your own track and watch the car follow along. The car plays music and beeps for truly multi-sensory play. We love the learning curve of this car and its remote. It guarantees your child will find a new way to play with the Tikduck truck even as they get older.

  • Round shape is safe for toddlers as young as one
  • Small and easy to store
  • Multiple ways to play
  • No volume for the music. It’s either on or off
  • Remote might be too hard for really little kids

Best RC car for 5-year-olds: Monster Jam Grave Digger 1:15

If your child likes trucks, there’s a good chance they love Monster Jam. They’ll be delighted to play with this large, iconic Grave Digger. Many reviewers have noted that Grave Digger’s batteries only last around 15mins. But they also say how fun Grave Digger is when motorless. He’s easily pushed around hallways and patios. The squishy, durable wheels make this monster truck perfect for indoor or outdoor play. And the clever box can be folded into a ramp for Grave Digger. But let’s be honest: no kid needs help finding jumps for a monster truck!

  • Popular Grave Digger design
  • Sturdy parts
  • Short battery life
  • Only drives well on smooth surfaces
  • You may receive a defective product

Best RC car for 10-year-olds: Lamborghini 1:24 model RC car

Older kids who love cars will swoon over BEZGAR’s RC Lamborghini. Unlike the trucks and stunt cars on this list, the Lamborghini is meant to drive indoors. It races at 4mph, which isn’t super speedy, but is fast enough to drift through turns. The car also withstands regular crashes. Between races, this Lamborghini could make a beautiful display piece for car enthusiasts.

  • Looks just like a real Lamborghini
  • Has responsive steering
  • Smaller than users expect
  • Not great for outdoor play

Best RC car for speed: DEERC 9206E

DEERC 9206E Remote Control Car 1:10 Scale
This car is a winner if you want a speedy RC car that races over bumpy terrain.

If you have a bigger budget, you can afford more speed. The most expensive car on our list goes up to 30mph for at least 30mins. The DEERC 9206E comes with two rechargeable batteries, working headlights and a pistol grip remote. It also comes with an extra see-through car shell. Customize this one with paint and stickers, or keep it clear to watch the motor. Parents love the adjustable throttle and steering. They can control the speed to keep kids from driving too fast. This car is a winner if you want a speedy RC car that races over bumpy terrain.

  • Looks more like a car than a trick vehicle
  • Durable
  • Includes spare parts
  • Users say it’s sized like a 1:12, not a 1:10
  • Batteries may overheat
  • May be slower than advertised

Best stunt RC car for kids: Fisca Stunt Car

The Fisca RC car has separate controls for left and right, which allows it to flip, spin and climb. This sounds confusing, but there’s no wrong way to drive this car. No matter what button you push, the car will speed around or do tricks. It climbs over objects without getting stuck. It tumbles down stairs and crashes into walls without damage. These stunts are sure to excite older kids and amuse little ones.

  • Rubber wheels prevent damage to your house
  • Drives indoors and out
  • Working lights
  • Battery life is terrible — only works for 10mins
  • You have to remove the battery to recharge it each time
  • Do not overcharge the battery or it may turn into a fire hazard
  • Learning the controls requires extra patience

Best all-terrain RC car for kids: Batlofty Amphibious RC Stunt Car

Kids will enjoy taking this bright RC car everywhere. Batlofty’s car is truly all-terrain, racing across grass, sand, snow, and water. The car does stunts, like a 180-degree flip, and swims through the pool or lake. It’s great for younger drivers because it never gets stuck and stands up to rough play. If your child plays outdoors with trucks, this amphibious car makes the perfect introduction to RC.

  • Fast for an all-terrain vehicle
  • Durable
  • Can go anywhere, including in water
  • Smaller than some reviewers expect

A Guide to Buying the Best RC Cars for Kids

All the RCs on our list are kid-friendly and worth your money. But not every kid plays the same, and not every kid wants the same type of car. Ask yourself these questions while shopping so you purchase the right vehicle for your child:

Where will it be used?

This is key to purchasing the best RC vehicle for your child. A high-speed drift car provides wonderful entertainment indoors, but won’t perform in the grass. Think about whether your kid will be driving indoors or out; on rough terrain or smooth pavement; in snow, sand or water; on carpet, pillows, or tile floor.

What are your child’s abilities?

Can they push more than one button at a time? Hold a pistol grip controller and spin a steering wheel? Will some controllers be too large? If your child has used RC vehicles before, they’ll be ready for more complicated controls. Think about their dexterity. Really little ones have a hard time simply going forward and back.

What’s your child’s attention span?

A 40-minute battery life is amazing, but it won’t matter if your child loses interest after a few minutes. A monster truck that holds a 15-minute charge is perfectly adequate for a 3-year-old’s attention span. An older child though might get frustrated if the battery dies before they’re finished playing. If your tween or teen wants to race their truck outdoors for hours, look for an RC with extra batteries and long life.

What are your child’s interests?

Do they love building obstacle courses and ramps? Are they into brand names? The Grave Digger truck and the Lamborghini lend themselves to imaginary play even without batteries. Your kid might enjoy using their RC car for regular playtime too. Look for a remote-controlled emergency vehicle or licensed car if that will excite your little one. If your teen wants a speedy, heavy-duty car for tricks, you may fare better with a light-up stunt car. Focus on the vehicle’s abilities more than its appearance.

FAQ on RC Cars for Kids

What is the best age to receive an RC car?

Some 2-year-olds are ready for RC cars. If they enjoy things that go, and they understand the connection between car and controller, they’ll love an RC vehicle. You’ll love watching their faces light up when the car beeps, lights up, or vrooms away! Make sure you’re buying something age-appropriate that your child can hold.

Are RC cars safe for kids?

There’s no harm from the vehicles themselves, so long as you purchase a toy for the right age group. Toddlers should steer clear of trucks with sharp edges. For the most part though, kids simply need to understand safety rules. When using RC cars outdoors, no driving in the street. Be sure your kids wear bright colors if they’re near traffic. And make sure little ones leave the charging to grownups. 

What speeds can RC cars go up to?

RC cars for adults go as fast as a real car. Kid-specific RC toys typically travel a few miles per hour. Vehicles on our list go from 4mph (Lamborghini) up to 30mph (DEERC).

What’s the difference between a remote control car and a radio control car?

A radio control car is wireless. Most RC cars come this way, but some remote control toys have a wire running from the controller to the car.

Final thoughts

Many parents grew up playing with RC cars and want to share this experience with their kids. Begin early with toddler-focused RC cars and instigate a lifelong love of RC play! These cars also provide a fun hobby to pick up later. Teens and parents can get started at the same time, racing all-terrain vehicles around the neighborhood. We love how many varieties of RC vehicles are on the market today. And we really love what an inexpensive, screen-free hobby it can be.

Looking for more screen-free fun toys? Check out the best outdoor toys for 10-year-olds.

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