The 16 Best Snow Toys for Kids in 2024

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Our Top 2 Picks for Best Snow Toys for Kids

The Best Snow Toys for Kids: Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled
Best snow toy overall
This luge-style sled is fast and maneuverable. Best of all, it only needs a light snowfall in order to work.
The Best Snow Toys for Toddlers: Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled
Best snow toy for toddlers
The toddler boggan has a seatbelt and back support to keep little ones safe and comfortable. Also works well downhill once kids get a little bigger.

Winter is a wonderful season for reading books, playing board games, and building LEGO masterpieces. But unless you’re a ski fanatic, it’s not usually considered a great time of year for outdoor play, especially with little ones.

However, snow toys have come a long way in recent years. There’s more on the market than simple wooden sleds. You can find adventurous riding toys and some creative ways to build a snowman.

We’ve selected the best snow toys for children, including activities for little ones and sleds for big kids. With these in your garage, you’ll be sure to entice your kids outdoors. You can still get your physical activity and vitamin D, even if it’s a snow day.

Best Snow Toys for Kids: Sleds

1. Mini Luge Snow Sled

Zipfy’s Mini luge sled might be the most maneuverable sled on the market. Riders tilt to turn, and simply put their feet down to stop. The lightweight Zipfy holds 250lbs, allowing parents and kids to all take turns with this little speeder. Users say the Zipfy flies downhill, but doesn’t work well in deep snow or powder. If your area only gets light snow or frost, the Zipfy might be your new favorite sled!

The mini model is meant for kiddos 5 and up. If you have a smaller child, check out the equally fun and durable junior size.

2. Baby Pull Sled

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled
Pull your toddler for a ride in this sled without fear of them falling over!

Flexible Flyer’s toddler boggan has back support and a seat belt. You’ll feel comfortable pulling young kids for a ride in this sled, since they won’t fall backwards or slump forwards. The rope makes it easy to pull like a wagon. And since it carries up to 40lbs, kiddos will be able to ride it downhill once they grow. Flexible Flyer’s baby sled has a small footprint but picks up enough speed to race traditional sleds. And the sturdy plastic makes it usable for years.

3. Saucer Sled

The Slippery Racer is a classic 1-person saucer sled. It’s meant for individual riding, but withstands up to 200lbs and can be shared by the whole family. Bigger handles let riders hold on with heavy snow mittens. Some users say the handles crack easily, but that the sled itself lasts several seasons. The Slippery Racer also comes as a pack of three. Awesome for siblings.

4. Snow Tube

The Bradley Kids Snow Tube doesn’t come in fun animal shapes, but it does come with a heavy duty vinyl bottom. This model holds up to 110lbs and is an ideal size for younger kids. Parents can pull children back up the hill or down the street with the tow rope. Cheaper snow tubes deflate easily in the cold. But the Bradley tube keeps air during low temperatures and heavy play. Users love the brightly-colored tube for its downhill speed and durability.

5. Large Pull Sled

The Winter Trek Sled from Flexible Flyer is over five feet long, comfortably seating three riders. The sled has molded handles for multiple riders, as well as a tow rope for hauling the sled back uphill. Since Flexible Flyer uses heavy duty plastic, this sled also works for pulling gear along on winter adventures. Use it to pull your other sleds, tent, or snow toys. It’s a great choice for siblings or for parents who want to ride with their kids.

Best Snow Toys for Kids: Activities

6. Snowshoes

These snowshoes by MSR fit a variety of kid shoe sizes, though they seem especially good for 4- to 7-year-olds.  Their durability and flexibility means your child will wear them to explore for years to come. Parents say the snowshoes are easy to take on and off. Snow is no longer an excuse to avoid adventures! When kids wear these snowshoes, they’ll be able to trek through forests, uphill, and journey cross-country.

7. Snow Ski Set for Balance Bikes

Though made for the brand Strider, these ski attachments slip onto the wheels of any 12″ balance bike. Kids who love tearing it up can now keep riding year round. Some riders prefer staying on flat ground, simply riding bikes in the snow. But some customers report using these downhill too. Parents say they’re easy to attach and remove. A must-have snow accessory for any bike-loving kiddo!

8. Snow Sled Ski Scooter Kit

The Railz ski scooter kit lets you turn a street scooter into a snow scooter! If kids have mastered scooters, they’ll love trying one in the snow. Simply remove the scooter’s wheels and attach the skis. One ski has a brake, allowing riders to stop easily. Kids can ride their snow scooters cross country or take them for a ride downhill. This is a wonderful sled-alternative for kids who enjoy riding new things.

9. Ride-On Sand Digger

Equipment like this ride-on excavator usually appears in the sandbox. But did you know it also works in the snow? Kids who love digging and playing with trucks also enjoy scooping up fresh powder. The excavator is portable. Move it up and down the sidewalk or around the yard so kids never run out of digging material. Customers say kids as young as three are able to maneuver the bucket. And since it holds up to 140lbs, older siblings can play too.

10. 3-Season Tent

While the 3 seasons in Hillman’s 3-season tent don’t include winter, it’s great as a cold-weather hideout, if you don’t want to build your own igloo. Pitch the tent in the yard so kids have a snow fort or a break from the cold. It sets up quickly and easily. Bring it along on sledding trips to use as a snow shelter. If your kids want to actually camp out in the snow though, you’ll have to look for a tent with a snow skirt. But in milder conditions, Hillman’s tent works perfectly.

Best Snow Toys for Kids: Building Toys

11. Snow Shovel

Snow shovels on a toy list? It sounds like chores in disguise. But kids love being useful and independent. Armed with this pack of two plastic shovels, siblings will be able to help mom and dad clean off the driveway. Watch your kids fall in love with digging deep snow pits, especially if they’re expert sand diggers. Snow mounds can become forts, jumping platforms, or even snow creatures.

12. Snowman Decorating Kit

HearthSong’s snowman kit contains enough parts to make a whole snow family. Unlike the plastic snowman decorating kits, these wooden pieces include mustaches, funny noses, and a bow tie. They’re big and bright enough for friends to see from down the block. HearthSong is known for producing durable, safe and fun products for kids. These 40 accessories should hold up for years of use.

13. Snowman Mold

The snowman mold from Ideal Toys lets you build a snowman without a huge snowfall. If you get enough flakes to fill this 11″ mold, you can still proudly decorate your front yard with a snowman. And after blizzards, it only takes a few minutes to create a whole snowman army! Little ones will be delighted with your creations. Older toddlers might be able to use the mold themselves. Also available as a penguin.

14. Snow Brick Maker

Using a brick mold is the fastest way to make a snow fort. This mold makes 9×5 bricks that can be stacked into walls or towers. The big handles have plenty of room for mittens. No need to get your hands wet! If you or your child dreams of making a snow castle, this brick mold is a necessity.

15. Snowball Maker

These snowball makers are nothing fancy — just a plastic ball mold with handles. But your mind will be blown by how fast and easy it is to build a whole pile of perfectly-packed snowballs. Kiddos can pile their snowballs to make a wall, or immediately launch into a friendly snowball fight. The set comes with three molds, letting friends work together and siblings avoid squabbling over turns.

16. CAT Wheel Loader Toy

This sturdy CAT wheel loader proves that trucks pair well with snow — not just sand. The CAT loader is all plastic, so you won’t need to worry about parts rusting in the moisture. It’s also push-powered. Kids will love the open-ended nature of this simple truck. They can clear driveways and sidewalks, build mountains and dig tunnels. The CAT loader gives you a great bang for your buck, since its construction guarantees years of use. It’s also available as a dump truck, excavator or bulldozer. Before long, your kid might have an entire snow construction team!

A Guide to Safe Snow Play

As soon as the snow falls, your kids start itching to play. But what do they need in order to play safely?

What’s the weather like?

First, check the weather. According to What To Expect, you should avoid play when wind chills hit -15°F. If it’s warm enough, bundle everyone up. 

Layer up

A great rule of thumb is to add one extra layer to infants and toddlers. Look for waterproof staples, including mittens, snow pants, boots and a coat. Be sure to cover ears since they are susceptible to frostbite. Faces — especially noses and cheeks — can sunburn and chill easily. Slather on the sunscreen and keep an eye out for pale, numb skin.

Wear protective gear

Once everyone gets outside, prepare the protective gear. Kids should be wearing helmets when riding a scooter or balance bike. And these days, it’s recommended that kids don helmets for downhill sledding too. If you’re leaving the backyard for a snow day adventure, take along a cold-weather emergency kit

Check in

Most importantly, remember to check in regularly with your kids. Little ones find it difficult to  communicate that they’re cold. Older children might ignore their wet mittens or damp toes. A warm-up break is vital from time to time, even when kids are busy and enjoying themselves. 

Final thoughts

Winter isn’t only good for indoor activities. And snow isn’t only magical for babies. The wintry outdoors provides plenty of engaging, creative play opportunities for toddlers and big kids alike.

With our picks for the best snow toys for kids, you now know scooters are year-round toys, and snowmen armies can be built in minutes. Your kids will eagerly await every snowfall in order to create funny-faced snow people and race down the local hills on their new sleds.

Check out more snow toy ideas in this article on best outdoor toys for 10-year-olds!

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